Newborn Baby Photo Session – FAQ's

08th January 2012
Newborn Baby Photo Session – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far in advance should we book the session?
A. We are often booked several weeks in advance, so to avoid disappointment we encourage booking your newborn session as soon as possible. If you wait until you have had your baby, it is likely that we will not be able to fit you in, within the time necessary to do the shoot. We would recommend that you book at the end of your second or beginning of your third trimester.

It is really important to shoot newborns between 5-7 days after birth, after that the baby will have grown and changed quite a lot since birth, losing the newborn look, but more importantly for the photos, they become much more reactive and aware of their surroundings. Between 5-7 days allows us a much better chance of positioning the baby in to cute poses, that look adorable on the final pictures.

Q. How do we confirm a final session date before the baby arrives?
A. I understand that scheduling a newborn session depends on your due date and when the baby decides to show up. Just let me know your due date as soon as you'd like to book, we will then provisionally allocate you around that time. Just give me a call or email when your beautiful baby arrives and then we can confirm a shoot within 7 days of the birth.

Q. Where will the shoot take place?
A. I will come to your home (Dubai or Abu Dhabi), the last thing that you and the baby need is to be travelling around for a photo shoot. At your home it will be familiar surrounds and will be most comfortable for you, with things that you may need easily on hand.

Q. How much room do you need?
A. We don’t need much room, when shooting newborn babies we get close in, the most important thing is having some open space which is near to a window that provides good natural light. If you know what time of day provides the best light in your home, that is when we should schedule the shoot.

Q. Do I need to prepare my home before you arrive?
A. Its important that the home is not cold, its best to have a warm home so that if we are taking pictures without clothes on the baby, they will not be cold. If the room is warm, it will also make them more sleepy which is what we want. If you can also just make sure that there is a clear space available, that’s all I need. It might be that you will need to move tables and chairs to have the best spot for the natural light, but it will be worth the effort.

Q. Do I need to prepare my baby before you arrive?
A. We want to have the baby asleep for the session, that will allow us more chance to get those cute little poses and positions. Feed the baby right before my arrival, make sure that little belly is full right up!

Q. How should we dress the baby?
A. It will depend on the type of photos you want. I think that a newborn baby suits no clothes, as it shows all their delicate skins, little features. Put you baby in something loose, including a loose fitting diaper/nappy, even just swaddled is fine. If you want to have them dressed in something specific that is fine too. We have a selection of little hats that you can select, these look adorable on most babies, if you have your own we can use those too.

Q. Do you have a studio?
A. There is no studio, photo shoots are done on location, for newborns its at your home.

Q. Will we also be in the photos?
A. Newborn sessions focus on the baby, but mum and dad are encouraged to get a few pictures holding and touching the baby. This is best done either at the beginning if the baby is not going to sleep straight away or at the end. We often get close ups of hands so make sure to have clean and groomed nails, and wear neutral solid colours.

Q. I love the photos of babies in different poses, can you do those for our baby?
A. When photographing newborn babies (or any age baby, child, pet!) it can be unpredictable to say the least, they might just not be in the right mood or maybe just feeling a funny on that day. If you want us to create a posed newborn pictures, it can take time to get that one great shot but its not guaranteed for the reasons above. You have to have patience and trust in what we do, but sometimes they just don’t feel like it and we certainly would never force the issue.

To have the best chance of getting the posed pictures, you will need to trust me when positioning your baby. This will more than likely mean that I will handle your baby – don’t worry I have done it many time with lots of babies, including my own. I know that it is the most prized possession in your life so I will certainly handle with care, and with your assistance as well. If you like the posed shots and decide that is what you want, it may mean that you will have less final images to choose from, but a high quality selection, because we will take greater time making sure that the baby is perfectly positioned.

Q. What editing do you do on the photos?
A. I individually edit each of the selected photos for colour, contrast, exposure and selective softening or sharpening as required to produce the most pleasing balance and overall final appearance. We do not add objects or people that were not there in the original photo, or manipulate the appearance of the photo.

Blemishes, red marks, scratches can me edited out or reduced if possible, just let us know when you make your final selection of the photos you want.

Q. How do we book?
A. We don’t take a booking fee, relying instead on good old trust! So far this mutual trust has not let us down. Once you have decided that you would like to book with us, just email to confirm the dates and we will schedule you in the diary.

Q. How do we pay?
A. You can pay in full either in cash or cheque on the day of the shoot.

Q. How long does it take to get our photos?
A. I always aim to have your final edited images ready and available in no more than 1 week.